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New Year’s Seller Resolutions: Get Your Home Ready to Sell

New Year’s Seller Resolutions: Get Your Home Ready to Sell

You’ve probably heard that the Central Ohio Real Estate market is red hot. ranks Columbus housing eighth nationally as a matter of fact. You read that correctly. Columbus is ahead of expected favorites like Los Angeles (17), Colorado Springs(14) and Nashville (18). What’s that mean for you? Generally speaking, your house may be worth more than you think and the time for selling is ripe. Strong appreciation over the last few years has increased prices. Most recently, Columbus Realtors reported a 14 percent year-over-year appreciation for Central Ohio home prices for the month of November. Motivated yet? Get your home ready to sell and set yourself up for a smooth transaction with these simple steps.

  1. Purge unwanted stuff.

    If you are going to move, get rid of the things you can live without now. Donate items or sell clothing, furniture and household items that are merely occupying space. Facebook Market Place and neighborhood for sale pages are valuable selling tools, as are mobile apps like letgo that let you sell without charging fees.

  2. Pay attention to deferred maintenance.

    Is your paint pealing, water heater leaking, or do you have missing shingles. The things you have avoided are red flags to a buyer. They should be addressed before the problem becomes a bigger issue and hurt your salability. Legally, you are also required to disclose known defects. So, if it’s broke, fix it.

  3. Consult with a Realtor® to determine improvements that give you bang for your buck.

    A good Realtor, one that’s a member of the National Association of Realtors, should understand your market and guide you towards projects that maximize your home’s value. In most cases, this doesn’t mean ripping out the kitchen and starting over. It could, however, mean painting cabinets and adding hardware. Damaged or worn flooring as well as any other eye sores will likely need addressed. Rely on experts in the area and don’t spend blindly or you might as well kiss your money goodbye.

  4. Clean. Then clean some more.

    The number one turnoff to prospective buyers are bad smells and unkempt spaces. Stainless appliances and lots of square feet on nearly everyone’s wish list, but if they are covered in fingerprints and dirty clothes they aren’t getting you anywhere, let alone an offer worth having.

  5. Set your sales price.

    This is perhaps the most important aspect to consider together with your Realtor. Price your listing too high and watch it linger on the market. Head to the other end of the spectrum and leave money on the table. Pricing can be tricky, but your real estate agent should provide neighborhood comps and an analysis of past sales that helps identify your sweet spot. This should be where the house sells at the highest potential price and in a similar timeframe to other homes like it.

  6. Get it listed and get your home ready to sell!

    You worked hard to get your home ready to sell, now turn it over to your agent and let them guide you through the process.


Wayne Henry

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