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Divorce and Selling the Family Home

Divorce and Selling the Family Home

Selling a home as part of a divorce can be emotionally charged. We hope to provide practical advice to get you through it. We have represented couples who have gone through the process and learned how to reduce tension, stress and to get you to the closing table with your facilities in tact!

First, we are not attorneys and nothing in this podcast should be interpreted as legal advice, nor will I delve into the legalities of selling. Always consult legal counsel should you questions about splitting proceeds or the myriad of other legal issues.

Now, for our advice!

Focus on the big picture. Whether you are speaking to your ex or not, you both share a common goal: getting the house sold and moving on. Making the home sale about more than what it is only adds to the turmoil of an already stressful situation. Don’t let other marital issues distract you from a quick sale and getting the most money for the home.

Rely on your support network for support. What you are selling is more than an asset. Your home carries sentimental value and letting go is not easy, even in normal circumstances. Surround yourself with people you love to help you through.

Allow yourself to let out your emotions. Bottling your feelings causes unnecessary harm to your physical and emotional being. This is where your support system is truly invaluable. Find a shoulder to cry on and the ones who will carry you through to the other side.

Moving will be hard on kids, but you can help them acclimate to the change. Everyone reacts differently, and kids are certainly no exception. Divorce naturally raises lots of questions. Be honest and open with your children about the move, but do your best to remain positive and encourage them to express their feelings.

Hire the right real estate agent. You need someone to be impartial throughout the process. This is not the time to hire a friend, especially if the friendship is not shared between the parties. Even then, the person you chose to help you through selling a home that is part in a divorce must also be able to separate themselves from their personal thoughts about either of you.

Last, slow down and break everything down in pieces. It’s easy to rush to conclusions and to make rash decisions when getting divorced. Stop, breath and take time to be allow yourself to be rational. You will be confronted with difficult choices. Don’t feel like they all need to made a once. If you break it down, you will be less overwhelmed by the process.


Wayne Henry

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